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EMV & Apple Pay

You can choose from an all-in-one handover configuration, or extend customer convenience through the addition of a PIN pad and card-entry device. Customers can insert, swipe or tap their own card or mobile phone for payments, while you keep a dedicated clerk-facing device on the counter.

Business Startup Package

Business Startup Package includes Processing, a Website and our Gift and Loyalty Program.

Wireless Processing

There’s never been a more efficient way to pair wireless transaction processing services and expert devices. Wireless solutions provide a complete package of needed hardware, software, services and greatly simplified support all through a hosted, fully-managed service.

Loyalty & Gift Cards

Creative gift cards and unique loyalty programs entice customers to visit your business and make frequent purchases. These pocket-sized pieces of plastic serve as both profit boosters and advertisements for your business! Are your current cards consistent with your brand?

Web Solutions

To compete and succeed online, it takes solid strategy, an engaging customer experience, and insightful analysis. We design websites that adapt across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices to provide a consistent and contextually relevant user experience – a proven formula for success.

The Experts in Payment Processing

EMS Card Services offers an extensive suite of payment acceptance options through Electronic Merchant Systems, a proven leader in the industry. We work to give your customers the opportunity to pay using their preferred method. We’re continually adding new solutions, allowing you to make your products or services available to the broadest audience possible.

Competitive pricing.

Wide range of merchant services and POS solutions offered.

Expertise in payments-related industries.

Mature company with proven track record in the electronic payment industry.

The Threat is Real

The payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a comprehensive set of requirements for enhancing cardholder data security around the storage and handling of customer credit card information. Compliance with PCI DSS is mandatory for any merchant or business that accepts payment cards.

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